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Solar by Ian McEwan

Plot: A tubby man named Michael Beard, is a Nobel Prize Laureate for Physics. His 5th marriage is falling apart because of his wife’s affair. In the chaos of his pathetic love life, or dare I say, lust life, Beard is researching on global warming. He does this not in the name of science, but to sustain his reputation as a Nobel Prize Laureate.

Comments: I atone for even trying to get past the first 100 pages. I was confused as to whether I was reading a love novel, a physics textbook or a man’s inner struggle. Along the way, I lost focus and was introduced to Jesus, a man not the Messiah. Despite the elegant prose, I failed to sense the humor that McEwan had tried to pull through in tying in fact with fiction. The novel was not my cup of tea, mainly because of the extensive scientific jargon and the lack of proper plot development in either Beard’s love life or career from the get go. To be fair, there is awareness of McEwan’s extensive research on climate change and there are sporadic moments of comedy in Beard’s avarice filled life. I recommend this novel for those interested in physics, climate change and lazy, fat men.

Rating: Since I couldn’t bear to finish the book, I shall not put a number to it.