Have A Little Faith – Mitch Albom

Rating: 6/5

“And, as is often the case with faith, I thought I was being asked a favor, when in fact I was being given one.”

Okay this is my favourite Mitch Albom book to date haha. This is a TRUE story (well true stories actually cause there are two stories in one) and it’s basically it’s about 2 different people Mitch Albom met – a pastor and a rabbi and how they have impacted his life. I guess this book is particularly special to me cause Mitch talks about how he grew up as a Jew in a synagogue and how his faith wasn’t that strong – like y’know when you grow up with something, your identity is kinda forged for you already.  With funny anecdotes about his experience with faith as a kid, exchanges with his rabbi (someone who seems so holy and possibly unreal before Mitch got to know him better), extracts from the rabbi’s sermon, how Mitch starts to explore his faith along with getting to know his rabbi better after being asked to write his eulogy upon his death and Mitch learning more about a local pastor with an extremely tragic past who is probably the least likely candidate who’d become a pastor, this masterpiece is heartwarming, relevant and thought-provoking.


(I cried at the eulogy bit HAHA)



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