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The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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Author: Mitch Albom

Rating: 4.8/5


This book is about how Eddie, a lonely war veteran, dies and arrives in heaven. I really like this book cause the author’s idea of heaven is really intriguing- heaven isn’t just a static place like a palace made of gold with singing angels, halos and harps. According to the author, heaven is a place where five people will stand in line to explain your earthly life to you – the significance, morals and life lessons you’ve somehow missed. These people range from loved ones to random strangers you think you have no connection with; in actual fact, all these five people have contributed to the major changes in your life. I love how this book’s language is really simple, when I borrowed it, I was like woah this does not resemble an adult book at all. (cause the words on each page are not microscopic like most adult books but yes I found it in the adult section HAHA) But despite the simple language, it’s a real ‘food for thought’ kinda book. I mean it’s rare that I’d actually reread some paragraphs/lines to try to get a more analytical viewpoint. But I did. I like the idea of how people’s lives are inter-connected and this book has done an excellent job of showing how we are all intricately bound to one another 🙂 I guess the only downside is how it seems a little messy? Cause you get flashes of Eddie’s life and you have to piece them together yourself! But i guess it’s a narrative technique (HAHA stevens) and the resolution is great 🙂 So yeah, highly recommended read. Especially for long train rides. I couldn’t have survived from bradell to bukit panjang if it wasn’t for this.